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Tutu's Secret by Gloria Itman Blum

Gloria Itman Blum and Leonard Laskow share a close friendship. During the writing of his first book 'Healing with Love', Leonard spent considerable time at Gloria and her husband Dr Barry Blum's home in Hawaii. It was Leonard's teachings that inspired Gloria to write her book.

Tutu's Secret by Gloria Itman Blum

Tutu is a Hawaiian grandmother. This story expresses in colorful rhyme how Tutu's grand-daughter Lani learns from Tutu the secret of healing others through love. Lani loves hearing her Tutu's stories but eventually Tutu passes. Some time later, when Lani encounters a girl who had hurt her knee, she hears Tutu: 

"'Help her dear Lani,' she hears Tutu's voice. Though she feels awkward, she makes a bold choice." 

Lani wonders how she can still feel her grandmother's presence even though she's gone. Tutu's secret is that there is nothing to fear, as love is the way to comfort and heal. Although she is no longer physically present, Tutu's love will always be there to protect her. 
This is an engaging book for grandparents or parents to read to their keiki (children). Yuko Green's charming and beautiful illustrations endear the book to young and old readers alike. It makes for a special gift as well. Please feel free to forward this email to any friends whom you think may be interested..


You may order this book from or from your local bookstore. 

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