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Leonard Laskow M.D.



The Art and Science of Healing Yourself and Others Through Love and Grace

addresses the root causes of disease and involves the transformation of undesirable energy patterns into patterns of health and harmony, aligned with individual purpose and the natural impulse toward wholeness.

Healing with Love and Forgiveness with Leonard Laskow MD
Dr Leonard Laskow Healing with love, l'amour savant- Quantique planète  2012
Dr. Leonard Laskow Forgiveness
Laskow Research on Love 1
Laskow Research on Love 2
Leonard Laskow, M.D.: Unconditional Love
Leonard Laskow, M.D.: Illusion of Beliefs
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Forgiving is not condoning what has happened. It simply releases us from the prison of conditioned reactivity. It simply means letting go of attachment to the past so that we are free to live and love in the present.


Forgiveness means letting go of attachments to the past, for your own growth and evolution.

It is common in therapeutic circles to hear about the importance of taking responsibility for your illness or challenging situation. This attitude has a tendency to create what may be called “new age guilt” that is disempowering. “I create my own reality and whatever is happening to me is my fault, so I need to take the blame.” How would taking responsibility for conditions in your life be different from taking the blame? And what difference does forgiveness make?

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Love is the awareness of our inherent connection

with all things.

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Consider the paradox in the phrase, “treasured wound.” Why would a wound be treasured? What could be valuable about it? 

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The illusion of separation is so much a part of our culture, our neurobiology, and such a big part of our self-identity, that we find it hard to imagine who we would be or what we would do without these "precious" wounding stories. 

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The principles underlying Holoenergetic Healing actually flow into one another; however, in order to understand the transformation, it is helpful to consider the transformational process as having four basic steps:

Recognition, Resonance, Release, Reformation.

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Translation, Transformation, and Transcendence

is the game of remembering the unity of pure awareness, from which everything comes and to which everything returns. Love is the reminder of that unity and the impulse to return to unity. 

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Choose Peace Now is a call to Essence

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In working with clients using the Holoenergetic® Forgiveness Process, Dr Leonard Laskow found that the emotional charge associated with painful or stressful events can be altered or even released completely.


A research paper presented by Dr. Leonard Laskow. Just as healing bridges the gap from illness to health, from disharmony to harmony, so love bridges the space between fragmentation and wholeness, between separation and unity.

Leonard Laskow

"The Art and Science of Healing with Love uncovers the root cause of illness thereby revealing the path to healing and wellness."

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