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The Game of Awakening

The process of forgetting pure awareness is like the moon forgetting that it is reflecting the sun and seeing itself as the source of light.

This sense of separation from consciousness and the focus instead on the ever-changing forms that consciousness takes, is at the core of all fear and suffering, including the fear of death. In my medical practice, I observed that all suffering, distress, and many illnesses derive from this perceived sense of separation.

The Game of Awakening is the game of remembering the unity of pure awareness, from which everything comes and to which everything returns.

Leonard Laskow

Image by Florencia Viadana

In essence, the Game of Awakening is about forgetting and separating from Oneness and then remembering and returning to ever-present Oneness.

Excerpt from the book: Choose Peace Now

Prior to awakening, our tendency is to experience reality as the manifest forms, and not the unmanifest, formless consciousness that gives rise to the forms. In the secular society where only the material world is deemed "real," we are schooled in the differentiation of one form from another.

It's easy for most of us to recognize how we are different from other people and other creatures, and mistake difference for separation. Remembering we are all sourced from the one consciousness appearing as different forms is the spiritual challenge of enlightenment. It is said that the forms are many, the essence is One.

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When we release our identification with fear-based separative forms and remember there is only one consciousness assuming many forms, we are home and we are free.

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