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The first level of change is shifting energy from one place in the body to another place where it’s more useful for healing. This shift is called translation.


On the second level, the healer can transform the energy by bringing the person being healed closer to wholeness, closer to their essential nature, thus changing the way the energy is structured in consciousness. Such transformative change releases the energy that’s bound up in separation.


The third level of healing transcends the old energy pattern completely by shifting to an entirely new way of perceiving and experiencing reality.Transcendence lifts us above any condition and penetrates the veils of separation. We are liberated from the form we seek to change. We become freer to “re-form” the forms in our lives based on newer, deeper and more accurate “in-form-ation.”


presents a highly regarded physician’s practical, step-by-step program that shows how to turn on the power of our whole beings — hands, heart, and higher 

consciousness — to heal ourselves and others. Here are the extraordinary and learnable techniques that have transformed lives around the world.

Healing with Love, Laskow
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