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Acceptance is an important first step in forgiving. When we accept a condition, we liberate the energy we had used to deny, repress or project. Acceptance of the truth allows the painful feelings to come up for healing and release. Finally, when we unconditionally love and accept ourselves as we are, we are free to simply Be. So it isn’t mere acceptance that brings freedom; it’s acceptance of the truth of what is and the truth of what we are feeling. Love is the unconditional acceptance of what is. 

Leonard Laskow

Leonard Laskow, Forgiveness

Forgiveness means letting go of attachments

to the past, for your own growth

and evolution

Excerpt from the book: For Giving Love


Forgiving yourself is one of the most powerful ways to unveil your essential nature to let your inner light shine. And through forgiveness, we experience freedom, truth, love and peace.


You may ask yourself where is this freedom, truth, love and peace? It is within. It’s about what is happening inside of you, the forgiver. So forgiveness is not about another, although that is the common misperception.


Perpetrators need to forgive themselves. However, everything is non-locally connected, so when you release them through forgiveness, they frequently feel it. Another way to say this is that, since we are all interrelated, actually entangled at the level of consciousness, when you change, the relationship changes. 

Image by Aditya Saxena

Forgiveness is about letting go

Excerpt from the book: For Giving Love


Forgiveness is about letting go. Letting go of what? It is about releasing attachment to the past, and attachment to resentments, grudges and anger. It’s letting go of attachment to judgment, blame, shame, guilt, suffering and loss, victim-victimizer perspective, and especially identifying with the story. It’s letting go of the story of abandonment, betrayal, loss, and the need to control through continued judgment and anger. 

Fundamentally, forgiveness is letting go of the charge around the memory so that upon recalling what happened in the past, there is no longer an emotional reaction, just the memory. Now you are free — free to love and free to be. 

Forgiving heals the separation from your inner light — your loving presence — by dissolving the veils of conditioned perception and belief. When you release the identification with the story, when you release the illusion that who you are is the story with its experiences and memories, when you really release the illusion, what remains is love. 

"For Giving Love is amazing! It is a blessed gift to Humanity and such an important contribution to the advancement of human evolution. The world is looking for a Path with Heart. This book reveals the Path."


Dr. Judith Larken Reno, PhD

Founder of Gateway University

For Giving Love, Forgiveness, Laskow
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