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The word healing comes from the same root as wholeness — a sense of connectedness, of being one with ourselves, other people, and the world around us.

By Leonard Laskow

Holoenergetic® healing addresses root causes of disease by first identifying the location and form of unhealthy energy patterns. This system involves transforming undesirable energy patterns into ones of health and harmony, aligned with one's individual purpose and with the natural impulse toward wholeness.

After identifying and "resonating with" an unhealthy energy pattern, be it in the form of sensation, image, thought, feeling, or belief, we change or transform that form. This transformation begins by discovering the positive intention behind the disharmonious pattern and by "unforming" or releasing the unhealthy pattern or form. After unforming the unhealthy energy pattern, we replace it with a healthy one. This is a little like remodeling a house; the existing order and structure are disrupted and must go through a period of disorder, or lack of coherent form, before the new order and structure are established.

Principles of Holoenergetic

Holoenergetic® healing—holo meaning "whole," that is, healing with the energy of the "whole," with the synergy of the whole, which is greater than the sum of its parts.


knowing, which locates and illuminates what we want;

loving, which links us to what we want;

willing, in which we act upon what we want; 

spirit, which guides our knowing, loving, and willing.


The Holoenergetic® Healing Modal allows us to go beyond relief of symptoms and connect with the fundamental source of separation. This is frequently a long-past, deeply troubling experience, which we interpreted in a way that initially helped us cope — but ultimately cut us off from a part of ourselves.

Example:  Someone who was punished and humiliated as a child for something he/she didn’t do may have carried into adulthood the unconscious belief: No matter how hard I try, I’m bad and deserve to suffer. One way this person expresses this loss of faith in his/her right to happiness is through the physical pain of illness.Other common themes that may be expressed through illness include difficulties accepting love: I’m not good enough; receiving pleasure, expressing anger, forgiving, and trusting.

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Unconditional love — for self as well as others — is a crucial element of this method. Love is a profound tool for facilitating the body’s natural healing processes.

In Holoenergetic® healing we explore and deal with patterns of fear, anger, guilt, self-pity, and shame. All these need to be examined with awareness as part of any movement toward health. When energy is held in these forms, it produces resistance to change, and thus is an impediment to natural healing processes. The release of these impediments is aided by addressing the secondary gains of illness, thus identifying the treasured wounds that make it so difficult for us to change. Forgiveness of self and others is then used to release us from the binding energy of blame and punishment.

We re-form energy patterns through a clearly defined process of unconditional love that allows us, perhaps for the first time, to experience and come into alignment with our higher consciousness, our essence. 

This alignment is a primary focus of Holoenergetic® healing.

Holoenergetic® Tracing and Forgiveness Processes

The Holoenergetic® Tracing and the Forgiveness Process give us a way to identify and understand these limiting patterns and beliefs, release them, and replace them with life-affirming feelings of safety, nurturance, and love.They are based on the awareness that as we come into wholeness through love, the enormous energy we use to maintain the illusion of separation from Unity is liberated and can be directed to heal the physical body, resolve emotional issues, enhance creativity, and support personal transformation. 

Holoenergetic® Healing is certainly not intended to replace Western medicine. The medical practices developed by Western society are of tremendous value in treating acute illness, serious infection, trauma, and other disorders. But these practices represent only part of the healing tools available to us today. We can benefit greatly by making use of both approaches.

© Leonard Laskow | All rights reserved



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