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Leonard Laskow, Holoenergetic

The Holoenergetic® healing allows us to go beyond symptom relief and connect to the original source of separation. Often related to an earlier experience of stress that our brain has interpreted in terms of survival to help us overcome the experience, eventually, it leads us to feel the separation from our authentic, deep nature.

Holoenergetic® healing tools offer us a way to identify and understand these limited patterns and beliefs, to free ourselves from them, and to replace them with feelings of security, fullness, and love that celebrate life.

Holoenergetic® healing tools are based on the awareness that, as we move toward wholeness through love, the enormous amount of energy we use to maintain the illusion of separation from Unity is released and can be directed towards healing the body, resolving emotional conflicts, improving creativity, and supporting personal transformation.

Leonard Laskow


Holoenergetic® healing—holo meaning "whole," that is, healing with the energy of the "whole," with the synergy of the whole, which is greater than the sum of its parts.


KNOWING, which locates and illuminates what we want;

LOVING, which links us to what we want;

WILLING, in which we act upon what we want; 

SPIRIT, which guides our knowing, loving, and willing.


Excerpt from book: For Giving Love

When I started exploring healing and forgiveness in my practice selectively with patients, I noticed that almost all the suffering, distress, and many illnesses were associated with a perceived sense of separation — from others, from our environment, or most importantly, from our spiritual nature. 

Specifically, I noticed a tendency to “dissociate” or deny a part of oneself from an experience or wound too painful to hold in consciousness.


Often this wounding came in early childhood, and sometimes it even went back to being in the womb. It’s not uncommon for people to pick up feelings from their mother or father or the collective consciousness while in this precognitive state and then attribute these to themselves. For example, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m a mistake,” “My father wanted a boy, and I’m a girl.” 

Sometimes they sense the fear the mother has about her own capability to care for her infant, particularly if they are the firstborn. Again, because they are precognitive, these are feelings without language. If they did have words, the words might say, “How am I going to survive if she feels that way?” or “There must be something wrong with ME.” 

We are, of course, rarely conscious of holding these early beliefs and decisions about how the world is and how things are. And yet, they are so often at the root of our problems, our suffering, and most of our illnesses. These emotional wounds initiate our sense of separation from others, from our environment, and ultimately, from our essential nature. 

Holoenergetic® Tracing and Forgiveness Processes

The Holoenergetic® Tracing and the Forgiveness Process give us a way to identify and understand these limiting patterns and beliefs, release them, and replace them with life-affirming feelings of safety, nurturance, and love.

They are based on the awareness that it takes an enormous amount of energy to keep wounds suppressed, buried, and disowned. It likewise requires energy to construct and maintain the stories that cast blame on ourselves and others. 

Using energy to sustain the illusion of separation means that energy is not available for other things, such as maintaining health and fulfilling our dreams. If we can release the energy of separation by bringing ourselves back into wholeness, into awareness of our essential nature, that energy becomes available to support natural healing. The body knows how to heal itself. When we release the energy of separation through love and forgiveness, we transform what is held separate into unity. This energy of love facilitates the healing process.

Holoenergetic® Healing is certainly not intended to replace Western medicine. The medical practices developed by Western society are of tremendous value in treating acute illness, serious infection, trauma, and other disorders. But these practices represent only part of the healing tools available to us today. We can benefit greatly by making use of both approaches.​

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