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Healing with Love and Forgiveess

The Art and Science of Healing Yourself and Others Through Love and Grace


addresses the root causes of disease and involves the transformation of undesirable energy patterns into patterns of health and harmony, aligned with individual purpose and the natural impulse toward wholeness.

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Forgiveness means to release attachment to the past so that we are free to live and love in the present

The most common reason given for not forgiving is: If I forgive _____ for doing _____ that would mean I am condoning that behavior.

Forgiving is not condoning what has happened. It simply releases us from the prison of conditioned reactivity.

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Awakening Your Essential Nature Through
Love and Forgiveness

For Giving Love gives you the tools for giving yourself the unconditioned love and happiness you’ve always wanted.

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The Game of Awakening 

The Game of Awakening is the game of remembering the unity of pure awareness, from which everything comes and to which everything returns. Love is the reminder of that unity and the impulse to return to unity. 

There is only One – appearing as many
revealing itself as love

Choose Peace Now, Leonard Laskow

A Sacred Utterance

There is perhaps no greater quest than the one for peace and happiness, that all-embracing, completely centering, deeply healing, inner peace

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Holoenergetic® uses a 4 step program:

Recognize, Resonate, Release and Reform.

People often ask how Holoenergetic® healing is different from other forms of healing that work on an energetic level - like acupuncture or homeopathy. The differences have to do with the 3 T's:

Translation, Transformation, and Transcendence

Leonard Laskow

"The Art and Science of Healing with Love uncovers the root cause of illness thereby revealing the path to healing and wellness."

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