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The first step, recognition, is divided into rational and intuitive recognition. In this step we recognize and gather information on the symptom or quality we want to change. This includes asking ourselves, “Why do I want to change now? What does this illness or issue in my life allow me to do, be or have…and what does it keep me from?” This step calls for deep relaxation so that we can become intuitively aware of our bodies and the pressure, tension, or tingling we may feel in association with the focused issue.


The second step entails following the feeling to enhance energetic resonance with what we want to change. Here, we sense into the problem or memory and imagine entering inside it to discover that there are positive life-force qualities or messages which it has to offer. Then we transform these positive qualities into a symbol which becomes our healing image.


The third step uses forceful breath, intention, and imagery to withdraw oneself from the original image associated with the problem and release the painful feelings it has created. Strong exhalations are used to physically and symbolically expel debilitating and harmful energy patterns. In this step, one can also choose to forgive and let go of attachment to the person or thing they hold accountable. As difficult as it may seem, forgiveness is, for many, the most effective way to release wounds from the past. By forgiving ourselves and others, we free vital energy within that has been trapped in blaming and judging. This liberated energy is now available for self-healing and inner growth.


The fourth step releases the old form, you have created a void, which you can now fill with positive life-force energies. These life-force energies represent what your soul — that which is simultaneously aware of your uniqueness and unity — wants to experience and express through you.


presents a highly regarded physician’s practical, step-by-step program that shows how to turn on the power of our whole beings — hands, heart, and higher 

consciousness — to heal ourselves and others. Here are the extraordinary and learnable techniques that have transformed lives around the world.

Healing with Love, Laskow
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