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A Sacred Utterance

by Leonard Laskow, MD with Maddisen K. Krown, PhD.

Choose Peace Now, Leonard Laskow


Choose Peace Now has been a guiding light in my life for a long time, and now it is part of my trilogy of books.

My first book, Healing with Love guided us into healing, the second book, For Giving Love guided us into forgiving, and now this third book, Choose Peace Now, guides us into peace.

This is the peace that comes from oneness, from stillness. In other words, we are really choosing what is ever-present, that which always exists. We can choose this – now.

At first, I thought maybe “choosing” is not the right word, because it implies “will,” meaning when you choose something you’re using your will. But you’re really choosing something that is ever- present. It’s like choosing the space in this room, which is ever-present. So, it is choosing the space, not the content in the space, choosing the con- sciousness that is ever-present, which transcends all content.

In the Introduction, I share how this third book was inspired. About how Choose Peace Now spontaneously came through me, as divine grace, when one of my students was writhing in pain from the past, and how it brought him back to peace, to the ever-present now.

Choose Peace Now is a call to Essence. To where there is only stillness, oneness, wholeness.

That is what we call eternity beyond time, infinity beyond space – where oneness takes in everything, and no thing.

That is the gift of this book. It is not about help and it is beyond health. Awareness is not about help. Once we have awareness, in the deepest sense, we’re beyond the need for help or healing. Awareness is wholeness, oneness, it is the ultimate resource. As you bring awareness to anything, it resolves that thing back into awareness as a wave dis- solves back into the ocean.

We can get attached to the form and content, but at some point, we need to transcend “under- standing” the form, because understanding is the grasping of the mind. And this awareness, this stillness, is beyond the mind. So, at some point, we transcend the need to understand. And what is left is “Being.” If you can just be, then understanding is subsumed by Being.

The same is true for peace. There is no need to understand what it is, because it is ever-present, as awareness of awareness or consciousness.

We can ask for that which is ever-present – we can Choose Peace Now.

Perhaps this book can be a gift for humanity – a way to embody and experience this truth while we are still here in form. Uttering “Choose Peace Now” can bring us into the ever-present space of stillness, peace, awareness, and ultimately, oneness.

This may also be the highest truth at the moment of conscious death. The last three words uttered on this journey of life, that one consciously speaks before what we call physical death, and awakening to a higher consciousness beyond form. “Choose Peace Now” can truly be a call to Essence.

You don’t have to be enlightened to be aware of awareness, for this Divine sacred utterance to work, because it addresses that which is already present within you. You just have to utter it, mean it, and be with it.

A sacred utterance – Choose Peace Now

Leonard Laskow 

January 2022


In the midst of these chaotic times, Dr. Leonard Laskow’s book, Choose Peace Now, offers the nectar of his teachings to those who have a true thirst for Peace.

Now more than ever, we need the guidance of wise beings like Dr. Laskow, who do not just share conceptual information about peace, but who truly ARE the peaceful and awakened PRESENCE they point at. Egoless beings who are what they teach – and who also share practical tools that enable every true seeker to shift from thinking to being, from form to essence, from the many to the One.

Dr. Laskow is a pioneer. The Holoenergetic® practice he has designed to experience the formless nature of our being – the flow of Life itself, beyond words and understanding – is unique. And like all pioneers, his work may not be fully recognized in his lifetime. Yet, every single being who will heal and awaken thanks to Holoenergetic®, will contribute to the emergence of a more conscious, loving, and peaceful world. What a joyful perspective!

Back in 2014, when I attended my first Holoenergetic® seminar with Dr. Laskow in Paris, France, I knew my spiritual quest was being answered, and by the end of that day, it was crystal clear to me that I would be devoting my life to Holoenergetic®.

Now, as a Laskow Holoenergetic® teacher and facilitator, it is my deepest wish to transmit these teachings, with respect and integrity – for the greatest good of All.

My heart is filled with gratitude, joy, and respect for Dr. Laskow and his wife, Sama Schurter Laskow. And I am eternally grateful for their unconditional support and loving presence in my life.

Choose Peace Now is a precious gift, offering a rare and beautiful journey for those of you who are called to awaken their essential nature through Love, Forgiveness, Peace, and Oneness. May you receive this gift with an open heart.

Laurence Latour

Laskow Holoenergetic® Teacher & Facilitator


Maddisen K. Krown, PhD, is a Professional Coach and Conscious Leadership Consultant who guides her clients in living vital lives of purpose, awareness, compassion, and fulfillment.

In 2007, after being introduced to Dr. Leonard Laskow and his breakthrough book, Healing with Love, Maddisen worked with him as a client. Her experiences with Holoenergetic® Healing were profound, thus inspiring Maddisen to train with Dr. Laskow as a Holoenergetic® Practitioner. She continues to practice Holoenergetic® Healing with her private clients.

Maddisen also enjoys her role as Executive Coach and Facilitation Team Leader at BetterManager, an international leadership development firm whose mission is to make thriving at work the norm.

She is a featured author in the book, Success In Any Season: Inspiring Stories of Power and Healing. And currently resides on the East Coast in the U.S.

Working with Dr. Leonard Laskow and Sama Schurter Laskow on his third book, Choose Peace Now, has been a blessing and great honor for her.

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