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Leonard Laskow, Peace, Forgiveness

My new book is called "Choose Peace Now". At first, I thought maybe “choosing” is not the right word, because it implies “will,” meaning when you choose something you’re using your will. But you’re really choosing something that is ever- present. It’s like choosing the space in this room, which is ever-present.


So, it is choosing the space, not the content in the space, choosing the consciousness that is ever-present, which transcends all content. 

Choose Peace Now is a call to Essence. To where there is only stillness, oneness, wholeness. 

Leonard Laskow

Image by Mike Newbry
Image by Florencia Viadana

Peace is not a state but a space, always present

Excerpt from the book: Choose Peace Now

That is what we call eternity beyond time, infinity beyond space – where oneness takes in everything, and no thing.

That is the gift of this book. It is not about help and it is beyond health. Awareness is not about help. Once we have awareness, in the deepest sense, we’re beyond the need for help or healing. Awareness is wholeness, oneness, it is the ultimate resource.


As you bring awareness to anything, it resolves that thing back into awareness as a wave dissolves back into the ocean.


We can get attached to the form and content, but at some point, we need to transcend “under- standing” the form, because understanding is the grasping of the mind. And this awareness, this stillness, is beyond the mind. So, at some point, we transcend the need to understand. And what is left is “Being.” If you can just be, then understanding is subsumed by Being.

What if you could awaken? Awaken, really - finding a peace so profound that all past and future worries would become a path to awakening, rather than a source of trauma? 

Choose Peace Now - Dr Laskow
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