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Leonard Laskow, Forgiveness

It is common in therapeutic circles to hear about the importance of taking responsibility for your illness or challenging situation. This attitude has a tendency to create what may be called “new age guilt” that is disempowering. “I create my own reality and whatever is happening to me is my fault, so I need to take the blame.” How would taking responsibility for conditions in your life be different from taking the blame? And what difference does forgiveness make?

Leonard Laskow


Responsibility is how we choose to react to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Excerpt from the book: For Giving Love


Responsibility is how you choose, here and now, to respond to the circumstances you find yourself in. In the past, circumstances occurred that might have been beyond your control. Consciously or unconsciously, you chose to interpret those circumstances in a certain way, which ultimately gave rise to a dysfunctional energy pattern.


Perhaps it was the best choice you could have made, given the consciousness available to you at that time. There is no blame or judgment associated with the choice.


We’re all human; we all have limitations; we all make mistakes. It is said that, “To err is human, to forgive is Divine.” If we recognize behaviors that no longer serve us, we can forgive ourselves for making those choices. We can then choose again.

"For Giving Love is amazing! It is a blessed gift to Humanity and such an important contribution to the advancement of human evolution. The world is looking for a Path with Heart. This book reveals the Path."


Dr. Judith Larken Reno, PhD

Founder of Gateway University

For Giving Love, Forgiveness, Laskow
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